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Jonathan J Valdez

I am a freelance photographer located in the Orange County/ Los Angeles California area. I focus on commercial, product, real estate, and sports photography. It is my goal to provide clean, hi-resolution images to individuals, businesses, and teams. As a photographer, I make sure to provide the best possible images for my clients.”

“I understand quality photographs can change the dynamics of any business. Getting the right exposure and representation for your business can change everything. Get started today with a quote.

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Commercial Photography

As a freelance photographer, commercial services span a variety of genres. You may need professional images of your place of business, services, or product in action. As a result, the world sees what sets you apart with the right photos. What you have to offer online is essential in maintaining trust and presence. A creative shot can make all the difference in establishing brand identity.
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Product Photography

Product photo services are still- life photos, showcasing your product for print or online sales. I know how important it is to have quality photographs for advertising through sites like Amazon, or directly on your e-commerce store. Since this type of photography has become popular with retailers, photos clearly showing the benefits of your product are what give you an edge. Your product may be shipped from anywhere in or outside the USA. In addition, be sure to ship your best-looking products and contact me with your creative ideas.
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Real Estate & Architecture

Real estate and architecture photography services are available to agents, home owners, interior designers, and architects. Stunning images of a home, interior, or building are vital for closing a sale or displaying your designs.
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Sport Photography

Sports photos capture the action on the track, court, or field. Promoting yourself as an individual athlete or team is possible with the right freelance photographer. As a photographer, I make sure to provide stunning photographs promoting your game or race, on either social media or other sites.

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