Product photography through e-commerce, social media, and print is vital in sales and gaining customer confidence. Whether it’s visually displaying what makes your product unique, or making an aesthetic statement, product photography is essential in advertising. 

E-commerce style product photography is the most popular, which includes a pure white background, following guidelines for Amazon. Background options are available for non-Amazon e-commerce use, such as black, gradient, and multi-color. Other options include subject reflection and group shots. Contact Jonathan for a quote.

Product Photography Portfolio

Product Photography 1
Product Photography 2
Jonathan J Valdez Photography, 2020
The #1 type of product photography use includes photos for your company’s web banner, promotions, and new product alerts. Please use the contact form to get in touch about getting your items shot. A white background is ideal for Amazon-style product photography, while darker is more dramatic. For a quote visit my Rates page